The Perfect Christmas Present

“I bought my brother one for Christmas and didn’t see him for three days”

“Don’t start reading this unless you are ready to give up food friends and sleep”

“As I approached the end I was trembling with trepidation”

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There is only one escape for five female backpackers condemned to hang in Singapore – the emergence of an unprecedented and politically explosive explanation, which could justify Singapore relenting in a Class A drug case for the first time in its history.

Their offence had beento carry heroin into Singapore from their Tissue Trail trek on the Nepal Tibet border and had been found guilty despite having no knowledge that they were carrying.

Initially there is no sign of a solution. Then a medical researcher exploring the same Tissue Trail area takes video footage of a salt caravan coming into Nepal from Tibet. This seemingly innocent act leads to his arrest and interrogation not only in Nepal but also Singapore.

When he tries to discover why he starts to uncover evidence that the women may be pawns in just the sort of political conspiracy needed by the defence.

As the researcher and his team get closer to the truth people start to die. But no attempt is made on the researcher himself. In a spell-binding climax it becomes clear why.

The Tissue Trail Conspiracy (£9.28)
By Garth Gunston

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Garth Gunston biography
I’ve always been in writing – and drugs! First writing for my pharmacy college student newspaper then as head of health care communications in the UK for US ad agency BBDO /Omnicom and now as a novelist!
Born close to the remote Peak District of Derbyshire in the north of England the taste for wild country has lead me to chase erupting volcanos, helicopter up Mount Everest and to the top of the Angel Falls, white water the Grand Canyon and camel ride the Sahara.
Flying aerobatic Cessnas adds to the fun not to mention driving railway engines the most recent in Cuba. And sharing our fifty foot yacht in the British Virgin Islands with a lovely wife and three daughters has topped it off beautifully.
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