Introducing The Tissue Trail Conspiracy by Garth Gunston

TTT Conspiracy book cover smThe Tissue Trail Conspiracy has been praised for its sustained intrigue, mounting tension  and ‘beyond memorable white knuckle climax’  It has even enabled dylexia  sufferers to overcome their  reading barriers.  A top five film producer  ‘loves the story’ and has referred the book to  production assessors.

From a barrage of compliments two stand out – the first ‘don’t start to read this unless you are prepared to give up food friends and sleep. And secondly – a dyslexic mother of three “restored my faith in reading after struggling for a decade”.

Both paperback and digital versions are available NOW via Amazon.

Keep up to date with the fast moving developments in the sensational story of how Garth Gunston, a businessman with a zest for life, combined his love of writing and adventurous lifestyle with his relentless determination, and produced his first book – and found a publisher – within eight months of writing its final word.

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What is The Tissue Trail Conspiracy about?

The Tissue Trail Conspiracy is a story of sustained intrigue and mounting tension about five young western women who unknowingly carry heroin into Singapore and as a result, face mandatory execution by hanging.  But is there something even more sinister behind their arrest and conviction than simply committing a Class A drug offence.

There seems to be no escape until, with time running out, medical researcher and ‘wild country’ photographer, Edward Thurston takes video footage of a high-altitude salt caravan near the Tissue Trail and is inexplicably detained and interrogated.

When he tries to work out why, he slowly uncovers evidence that the Tissue Trail women are at the centre of a deadly global conspiracy, which, if he can stay alive long enough to prove it, might just give the women a chance of beating the noose.

As tension mounts desperate efforts continue to persuade the Singapore authorities  to relent in a Class A drug case for the first time in its history.  But with nine seconds to go to execution the women stand terrified on the elongated drop plate, the executioner poised to throw the switch.

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The Tissue Trail is available in paperback and digital format for Kindle via Amazon.